Urban Environment Project

Air Quality

Air pollution modelling is a useful tool for estimating the effectiveness of proposed pollution reduction in urban districts. In the case of particulate matter (PM) and other vehicle-derived pollutions, source inventories and use of atmospheric dispersion modelling is required. This sub-project aims to establish systems for estimation and measurement of PM parameters using low-cost methodologies and to set up procedures for integration of the data within the MOLAND land-use model. This theme will be closely linked with the Urban Transport sub-project.

Objectives of this sub-project include:

  • Establishing methodologies for estimating detailed, site-specific emissions factors for road-transport derived exhaust emissions for input to a GIS based model for atmospheric dispersion of these emissions
  • Study methods of estimating the indoor air pollution associated with different outdoor air quality characteristics, to facilitate modelling of the indoor-outdoor relationship, and subsequent integration into the MOLAND model.

Leader: Dr. David Timoney

Who’s involved

Dr. David J. Timoney
Dr. William J. Smith
Donal Lennon
Edward Casey


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