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345000 vacant housing units
RTE News
NA Press Coverage
Airport has served the city well
Irish Independent Online - announcement of report launch with research by Brendan Williams and Patrick Shiels
N/A Press Coverage
Airport has served the city well
Irish Independent Dublin Chamber of Commerce
NA Press Coverage
Asahi Shimbun Newspaper report
Article in Japanese Newspaper Convalescing Tiger, Ireland looks to the Exit - commenting on similarities between 1990s banking crisis in Japan and European financial crisis
NA Press Coverage
Developers built 170,000 more homes
Breakingnews.ie Developers built 170000 more homes than they needed to
NA Press Coverage
Discredited planning system needs sweeping changes
Sunday Business Post Brendan Williams
NA Press Coverage
Dublin Region under Microscope
New report puts future of Dublin Region under the microscope
NA Press Coverage
Economic challenges prompt forward-looking plans and responses
International Business - Boston Globe blog Chad OConnor
NA Press Coverage
Frank Speech
Official speech at project launch
Prof. Frank Convery Press Coverage
Ghost estate problems not solved
Irish Independent Louise McBride
NA Press Coverage