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The Potential for Land-Use Modelling to Advance Ireland's Sustainable Development Agenda
Presentation at the EPA Conference, 6th February 2008 - Today's Environmental Research, Tomorrow's Environmental Protection - Royal Hospital Kilmainham
Prof. Frank Convery, Sheila Convery Presentations
Variations in the Bird Diversity across Dublin City
Presentation at the Postgraduate Ecology Forum 2008
Michael Brennan Presentations
There's Only So Much Dirt They Can Build On
PhD candidate at University of Ulster, Jordanstown : applying MOLAND in Northern Ireland
David McIlhatton Presentations
Integrating NSS and NDP
Presentation to local and regional authority planners
DoEHLG Presentations
NDP_NSS Regional Perspectives Deirdre Scully Presentations
Moland for Planners
Details of presentation given in Newman House
Dr. Martin Critchley Presentations