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Title Author Category DateAdded
Overview of Green City work package
Description of the Green City package and how the Green City guidelines came about including policy impacts resulting from the publication
Sheila Convery Steering Review 2008
Agenda for Steering Review 2008 UEP Steering Review 2008
Recommendations for Further Improvement to the MOLAND Model
WP 08/01
Dr. Bright Osei Twumasi Working Paper
The MOLAND Model: Utility and Limitations for Spatial Planning Practice and Research
WP 08/02
Dr. Bright Osei Twumasi, Cormac Walsh Working Paper
Analysing Climate Impact on Energy Demand Using the MOLAND Model
WP 08/03
Xiaochen Liu, Dr. Bright Osei Twumasi Working Paper
Does MOLAND work as a tool for the assessment and/or as a predictor of the distribution of urban biodiversity in Dublin city?
Michael Brennan, Dr. Bright Osei Twumasi Working Paper
Air quality and MOLAND: Description of a methodology to determine emissions output and affected populations
WP 08/05
Edward Casey, Dr. Bright Osei Twumasi Working Paper
The Potential for Land-Use Modelling to Advance Ireland's Sustainable Development Agenda
Presentation at the EPA Conference, 6th February 2008 - Today's Environmental Research, Tomorrow's Environmental Protection - Royal Hospital Kilmainham
Prof. Frank Convery, Sheila Convery Presentations
Variations in the Bird Diversity across Dublin City
Presentation at the Postgraduate Ecology Forum 2008
Michael Brennan Presentations
Description of the Development of the LabVIEW Instantaneous Emissions Estimation Software for use in the Urban Environment Project Air Quality Work Package
WP 07/01
Edward Casey, Donal Lennon, Dr. William Smith, Dr. David Timoney Working Paper